Webinar: Campus Life at RIT
January 3, 9AM

Join us for a live online presentation to learn more about your next steps, connect with current graduate students, review research opportunities, and much more. To join, enter the webinar room 10 minutes before the time of the webinar.

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Computer Accounts

RIT Computer Account

If you have created an account as part of the RIT admissions process, this same account becomes your student account upon payment of your accept/tuition deposit. No additional action is required to activate your account.

If you did not create an account as a part of the admissions process, you will receive an account activation email from RIT when you pay your $300 accept/tuition deposit. The account activation email will go to the email address supplied on your admissions application. If you have not received the account activation email, please contact the ITS Service Desk for further help.

The RIT computer account will be used to:

  • Submit your housing contract (accept/tuition deposit must be submitted as well to access housing contract)
  • Access eServices, RITs hub to make payments, view student accounts, view bills, view financial aid, and authorize access for Parents and other third parties.
  • Access the student information center for registration information

RIT Student Email

Once you have created your RIT computer account AND you have paid the accept/tuition deposit, your RIT student email account becomes active. At this time your RIT student email account will become your preferred email address in our system. It is your responsibility to check your RIT student email account on a regular basis.

RIT has partnered with Google to provide RIT Gmail accounts to all students. To access your RIT Gmail account, visit the home for Google Apps at RIT, google.rit.edu. All email communication from RIT will be sent to your RIT student email address. Additionally, you can set some e-mail preferences by visiting start.rit.edu.

Your new RIT student email address is our primary means of campus communication. It will include:

  • Orientation information for new students
  • All student account information, including information regarding tuition sent to RIT email
  • Housing - students use RIT student email to communicate with each other during roommate selection process.
  • Any information from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Faculty and departmental communication to students