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Professional Activities Following Retirement
Received Master Teacher Award and delivered keynote address, Graphic Design Education Association; Chicago, Illinois; June, 1989.

Evaluation of the Gramlee Wood and Metal Engraving Collection preparatory to sale. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; July 28th, 1989.

Talk before the Communication Artists of New Mexico; Albuquerque, New Mexico; August 18th, 1989.

Wrote promotional introduction to new wood type alphabets, Adobe Systems, New Typographic Development Division. Included consultation, Mountain View, California. Project began in December, 1988, completed in March 1990.

Served as a referee in the search for a new Department Head for Graphic Design, Yale University; December 21, 1989.

Book Review, The First Years in a Century of Wood Letter Manufacture, Claire Bolton. Published in Fine Print; San Francisco, California; January 4, 1990.

Modernism & Eclecticism, Third Annual Symposium on the History of American Graphic Design: Talk on cast-iron and brass trivets, February 24th, 1990.

Two days working with students, one lecture, Carnegie Mellon University; February 26 – 27th, 1990.

Completed production work on Trivets & Stands; an illustrated catalogue of nineteenth and twentieth century trivets with emphasis on those which are American and cast in iron or brass. The text includes notes on the manufacture, distribution, design and dating of trivets and stands. Hard cover, 16 pp color, 268 pp. Released July, 1990. This was a ten year project with research and production.

Exhibit: Graphic Design in America, (a traveling exhibition put together by Walker Art Center and The American Institute of Graphic Arts) American Wood Types: 1828 – 1900 and Design Quarterly.

Speaker on origins of graphic design, Phoenix Museum; Graphic Design in America, May 10th, 1990.

Promotional introduction for second Adobe Wood Type software booklet, started in May and completed in July, 1992.

Visiting Professor and Educational Consultant, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan; September, 1990 to April, 1991.

Visiting Professor, Western Michigan University; Kalamazoo, Michigan; January - April 1992.

Introduction to wood type catalog published by Silver Buckle Press, University of Wisconsin Library, 1998.

Professor Emeritus and Faculty Associate, School of Design, College of Architecture & Environmental Design, Arizona State University. Taught two sections of Visual Communications I, January - May 1999 & August 1999 - May 2001.

“Recollections of Josef Albers,” Design Issues, Vol. 16, Number 2 Summer 2000.

Early Years of Graphic Design at Yale University” Accepted for publication by Design Issues for Winter 2001 edition.

Rob Roy Kelly Kitchenware Study Collection, Arizona Historical Society Museum; Tempe, ArizonaRob Roy Kelly


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