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Work in Progress
A manuscript on tinplate household and kitchenwares from 1870 until 1930. Assembling a related collection and cataloging each item. The collection numbers more than fourteen-hundred separate catalog listings and sixteen-hundred items.

Research Includes
Approximately 1,600 items in the collection.
Collection Categories
(with catalog description for each)
A Utensils
B Pans
C Containers
D Household
E Miscellaneous

Research Text Includes
A Fabrication & Materials

B Design
C Historical Context
D Food Preservation
E Timelines

F Glossaries
G Bibliography

The collection has been donated to Arizona Historical Society Museum at Tempe, Arizona. At the date of this publication, Kelly is currently working on a website to make the study collection available on the internet.



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Rob Roy Kelly with his trivet collection; Tempe, AZ
1988 © Charles Conley


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