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No one knows for certain where chili originated. Some say that it was introduced into Texas prisons where peppers and spices hid the taste and odor of tainted or spoiled meat. Others say it was developed by trail cooks on cattle drives. This is entirely possible as it could be made with dried beef and all the other ingredients were available. It is an entire meal in one pot, and a big pot can feed a lot of men.

Chili is a dish of many interpretations, but the most passionate are in the Southwest. The purest recipes for chili seem to come from New Mexico, but there are specific versions from Texas, Arizona and California.

If you are from the Midwest or the East, there are several misconceptions about chili that need to be clarified. One is that you do not make chili with hamburger. A second is that chili and beans are not cooked together—they are prepared separately. Another is that real chili does not include tomatoes. Also, you do not use red kidney or navy beans, as Pinto or the small red beans are preferred.

Chuck, brisket or round are cut into bite size pieces, salt and peppered and browned in the skillet or bottom of the pot. Some cooks use suet because good chili requires about a tablespoon or two of bacon fat or suet renderings for the chili. To serve, you put the beans in the bottom of the bowl and ladle the chili on top.

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