Professor Bruce Ian Meader
Rochester Institute of Technology


Thoughts on Rob Roy Kelly
I was fortunate to have been an undergraduate graphic design student
at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh–one of several schools where Rob Roy Kelly came, saw and conquered. Rob Roy Kelly was my teacher over twenty years ago. At the time, I had less of an idea than I do now of how fortunate I was to be in his company. What I knew was that Rob was very demanding, very forthright and very much respected by all–students, staff, faculty… everyone except some people in administration. History shows that at every school where Rob taught, that he made it his business to not only evaluate student design work, but also to evaluate the ways in which upper administration was, or was not, managing the institution. More often than not Rob was very right in his conclusions. More often than not his insights, honesty and persistence made some folks uncomfortable. Pedagogical goals and administrative goals are not always congruous.

Every graphic design educator, whether he or she is aware, owes a debt of gratitude to Rob Roy Kelly. He helped build the strongest graphic design programs in this country and much of his life has been devoted to advancing the understanding and usefulness of graphic design as an educational study and as a practice for the betterment of society. I wasn’t Rob’s best student, but over time I have come to understand the importance of Rob’s focus on fundamental visual principles, and the idea that an educational program is only as good as its faculty and the support that faculty receives from its administration. Rob Roy Kelly helped me to become a better design educator than I would be without his influence. I am very fortunate. This book will go a long way to helping others who have yet to have the good fortune to be in the company of Rob Roy Kelly.

My colleague Roger Remington and I are delighted to be a part of this project. We each have our own past connection with Rob, and we are proud of our graduate students who have worked diligently to give form to the writings of Rob Roy Kelly so that others can benefit as we have.



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