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Working together we will:

  • Facilitate networking of information and ideas among the membership.
  • Foster mutual trust, respect and support for one another within the AALANA students and among AALANA employees in the RIT community at large.
  • Facilitate the recruitment, development and advancement of AALANA students and employees at RIT.
  • Provide a monitoring system which will enable AALANA employees to obtain guidance, assistance and training consistent with their present and future career aspirations.
  • Provide members with opportunities to develop organizational and leadership skills in the conduct of duties, activities and programs.
  • Generate financial resources and support to sustain the activities of the organization.
  • Provide leadership in constructing an effective action program designed to influence policy and decision making bodies within RIT.

AFSA Officers:

President: Candice Baldwin (
Vice-President: Jonathan Ntheketha (
Administrative Assistant: Stephanie Paredes (
Assistant Administrative Assistant: Gwen Gause (
Treasurer: Venessa Mitchell (
Assistant Treasurer: Natasha Rogers-Dailey (

AFSA Subcommittees:

AFSA MyCourses Shell:, view minutes, documents, discussions, polling (email AFSA Admin Assistant to participate)
Website: Contact Chandra McKenzie (