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Distance Education Requirements

Adding Distance Education Format to a New or Currently Registered Program

Four (4) important steps to follow to add a distance education format to a new or currently registered program:

  • Step #1: Review Guidance Document
    • Determining Time on Task in Online Education and Credit Hour Assignment
      • Time on task is the total learning time spent by a student in a college course, including instructional time as well as time spent studying and completing course assignments outside of formal instruction (e.g., reading, research, writing, individual and group projects.) Regardless of the delivery method or the particular learning activities employed, the amount of learning time in any college course should meet the requirements of Commissioner's Regulation Section 50.1 (o), a total of 45 hours for one semester credit (in conventional classroom education this breaks down into 15 hours of instruction plus 30 hours of student work/study out of class.) "Instruction" is provided differently in online courses than in classroom-based courses. Rather than try to distinguish between "in-class" and "outside-class" time for students, the faculty member developing and/or teaching the online course should ensure that the required learning time is provided in accordance with Regulation Section 50.1 and that students are informed of the time and effort they are expected to devote to the course and calculate how much time a student doing satisfactory work would take to complete the work of the course, including:
      • reading course presentations/ "lectures"
      • reading other materials
      • participation in online discussions
      • doing research
      • writing papers or other assignments
    • See Credit Hour Assignment Guidelines
  • Step #2: Complete Application to Add the Distance Education Format to a New or Currently Registered Program
    • Complete all portions of the form and save as a Word Document - -  not PDF
    • Do not fill out Contact Information section
    • Sample responses for you to consider for questions in Part B can be found at RIT Standard Answers for Distance Ed Forms.
  • Step #3: For New Program: Submit a copy of the "Adding Distance Education Format" Word document with RIT's new program proposal form to various Curriculum Review Bodies
    • For Currently Registered Program: Submit an electronic copy of the "Adding Distance Education Format" Word document to your Program Chair and Dean for review and approval
  • Your Dean will forward a request to the Vice Provost to register this information with NYSED
  • Step #4: The Office of the Vice Provost will contact the proposer to finalize submission requirements and other information needed for NYSED
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