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Colleges, Schools and Institutes

B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences

The Golisano College is home to RIT’s computer science, computing security, information sciences and technologies, and software engineering departments, as well as a Ph.D. program in computing and information sciences, and the School of Interactive Games & Media. »

College of Art and Design

College of Art and Design offers a variety of fine art, commercial and industrial degree programs through its Schools of American Crafts, Art, Design, Film and Animation, Photographic Arts & Sciences, and Media Sciences. »

College of Engineering Technology

The College of Engineering Technology (CET) offers a myriad of dynamic programs—ranging from hospitality, nutrition and service management, health systems administration, human resource development, packaging science, environmental management and safety, engineering technology, and the Army and Air Force ROTC. »

College of Health Sciences and Technology

CHST responds to the growing need for well-educated professionals in the health care field. Programs center on patient care, innovation in the advancement of clinical practices, and cutting-edge research that will guide the changing health care delivery system. »

College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts offers a unique, technology-infused approach to the traditional Liberal Arts education.  Programs emphasize global education, student-centered research, and social justice, and produce well-rounded, intellectual students with the motivation to make an important impact on the world. »

College of Science

COS delivers scientific and mathematical education for most of the programs offered at RIT. It is home to three Ph.D. programs – color science, astrophysical sciences and technology, and imaging science, as well as graduate and undergraduate programs in imaging science, life sciences, chemistry and materials science, physics and astronomy, and the color science. »

Golisano Institute for Sustainability

GIS is a multidisciplinary academic unit at RIT whose mission is to undertake world-class education and research programs in sustainability with emphasis on sustainable production, sustainable energy, sustainable mobility and ecologically friendly information technology systems. »

Kate Gleason College of Engineering

KGCOE offers programs in chemical, computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical, micro-electronic and microsystems engineering. Students design the products and processes of the future while working with industry partners. »

National Technical Institute for the Deaf

NTID provides deaf and hard-of-hearing students with outstanding state-of-the-art technical and professional education programs, complemented by a strong arts and sciences curriculum. The college also prepares professionals to work in fields related to deafness including a program of applied research designed to enhance the social, economic and educational accommodation of deaf people. »

Saunders College of Business

The Saunders College works in partnership with RIT’s entrepreneurial Venture Creations incubator and top-ranked Albert J. Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship to integrate business education with RIT’s world-leading technical and creative programs. The college offers undergraduate, graduate, and executive MBA programs where students gain real-world business experiences. »

School of Individualized Study

SOIS is designed to help students to innovate and have a voice in their degree curriculum.  With SOIS, students have the ability to help create your academic plan of study that not only fits your academic and career goals, but fits your life. Many SOIS programs can be completed online or through a combination of online and on-campus classes. Students work with an advisor work together to design an undergraduate or graduate degree that best meets your individual ideas, interests, and goals through careful consideration of all courses RIT has to offer. »

Global Campuses & Partnerships

Global Partnerships

RIT’s international campuses enroll students in RIT programs from around the world. All courses taken at RIT international campuses are recorded on an official RIT academic transcript which students can use within their RIT program of study or transfer to other U.S. educational institutions. Students studying at these RIT partner universities earn a degree and diploma accredited by RIT. »

RIT China

The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Saunders College of Business and the Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) School of Economics and Management began its strategic international partnership in 2012.  Recently celebrating its 120th year, Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU), is one of the three original Jiaotong universities. In 2015, RIT was BJTU’s first international partner committed to delivering joint degree programs at its new Weihai location, and one of many renowned international partners offering graduate degree and exchange partnership programs at the Beijing campus. »

RIT Croatia (Dubrovnik and Zagreb)

RIT Croatia offers programs of study at two campuses, one located in the city of Dubrovnik and one in the country's capital, Zagreb. The college offers undergraduate programs in international hospitality and service management, international business and information technology and a graduate program in service leadership and innovation. »

RIT Dubai

RIT Dubai offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of engineering, network administration, business, management and more. »

RIT Kosovo

RIT Kosovo was founded to support Kosovo and its neighboring countries to develop their economies, societies and democratic institutions, by providing undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs in the English language. RIT Kosovo’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs provides an excellent, career-oriented, American liberal arts education which will prepare its graduates to be leaders in their professions and communities, and to be global citizens. »