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To Access the RIT Digital Archive Repository For Academic Senate Documents:

  1. Anyone can browse Academic Senate document listings at:
  2. To view a document, click on the View/Open link or the blue lock icon and enter your RIT username and password.

Senators Must Complete A Required One Time Subscription

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose the first link, "RIT Computer Account Authentication." Enter your RIT computer account username and password to begin.
  3. You are now subscribed to the Academic Senate Working Documents (Senators Only) collection of documents. To complete the subscription process, contact the RIT Digital Archive staff at for full viewing permission.

To Submit Documents to Academic Senate

Note on files submitted to Academic Senate: Most file formats with any file name are acceptable, however submissions will be renamed and converted using the procedure below and then added to the RIT Digital Media Library before being shared. Help us by using this protocol for your submissions.

  1. Use the following file naming protocol:
    • AxxxBxxCxxSTATUS_mm-dd-yyyy.ext where:
      • AxxxBxxCxx - is the document subject in title case with no spaces
      • STATUS - is either DRAFT, V# (Version number), or FINAL (may be left blank)
      • _mm-dd-yyyy - is the date of the document that begins with the underscore character
      • .ext - is the document type extension which may be.doc (Microsoft Word), .pdf (Acrobat PDF format preferred), .ppt (Microsoft Powerpoint), etc
    • Examples:
      • OmbudsReportFINAL_06-02-2006.doc
      • AcademicSenateAgendaSept7V2_08-26-2006.txt
      • StandingCommChargesV3_08-25-2006.pdf
  2. Optional - Convert your document to an Adobe Acrobat File (.pdf) format

    (skip this step if you do not know how to do this)
  3. E-mail the file to Academic Senate (

Any questions? Please contact the RIT Digital Archive staff at