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The Academic Senate is responsible for appointing members to a number of committees across the Institute, as described in policy documents.

Appeals Committee

Policy C06.0 - Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation:

Name Email ID Term
Dick Doolittle (CHST) 2019-2021
Tim Engstrom (CLA) 2019-2021
Marcos Esterman (KGCOE) 2019-2021
Linda Underhill (SCB) 2019-2021
Phil White (GCCIS) 2019-2021


Committee on Faculty Professional Leave

Policy E18.0 - Faculty Leave for Professional/Career Development:

Name Email ID Term
Joyce Hertzson (CAD) 2019-2022 (2nd term)
Clark Hochgraf (CET) 2018-2021 (1st term)
Tae Oh (GCCIS) 2018-2021 (1st term)


Individual Conflict of Interest Committee

Policy C04.0 - Individual Conflict of Interest and Committment Policy:

Name Email ID Term
Alex Austin (NTID) 2020-2023 (1st term)
Leisa Boling (NTID) 2020-2023 (1st term)
Bernard Brooks (COS) 2019-2022 (2nd term)


Intellectual Property Policy Committee

Policy C03.0 - Intellectual Property Policy:

Name Email ID Term
Leonid Reznik 2019-2022 (1st term)


Isaac L. Jordan Sr. Pluralism Award Selection Committee

Policy E12.5 - Isaac L. Jordan Sr. Faculty and Staff Pluralism Awards:

Name Email ID Term
Andre Hudson TBD


Ombuds Advisory Board

Policy C24.0 - Ombuds Office:

Name Email ID Term


Outstanding Teaching Award for Non-tenure-track Faculty Committee

Policy E12.7 - Outstanding Teaching Award for Non-tenure-track Faculty Policy:

Name Email ID Term
Patricia Diute AY 2020-21 (1st term)


Parking and Traffic Appeals Board

Policy C09.0 - Parking and Traffic Citation Appeals:

Name Email ID Term
Samuel Malachowsky (GCCIS) 2019-2021 (1st term)
Karen Tobin (NTID) 2020-2022 (1st term)


Parking and Transportation Advisory Group

Established at the 9/05/2019 Academic Senate Meeting:

Name Email ID Term
Ed Mineck (NTID) Extended term
Deborah Colton-Hebert (SCB) 2020-2022 (1st term)


Privacy Advisory Committee

Policy C07.0 - Privacy Policy:

Name Email ID Term
Elizabeth Lawley (GCCIS) TBD
Phil White (GCCIS) TBD


Research Compliance Committee

Policy C01.0 - Externally Sponsored Projects Disclosure Policy:

Name Email ID Term
Scott Hawker (GCCIS) 2019-2022 (1st term)