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This presentation template was created in an effort to provide the Academic Senate with consistent and effective presentations on proposed programs. The items noted for inclusion in the presentation will help to ensure that key points of information from the program proposal are highlighted. Please follow the outline below when creating your presentation for the Academic Senate. Remember that presentations at Academic Senate are approximately 10 – 12 minutes in length.

  1. Introduction

    • Title of Program and College from which it originates
    • BRIEF description of the program (for what career(s) does the program prepare the graduate)
  2. Rational

    • Why is the program being created? What need does it fill?
  3. Mission and Vision

    • How does the program fit with mission and vision of the university?
    • How does the program fit with the RIT strategic plan? – cite references
    • How does the program fit with the mission and vision of the college(s) and department(s)?
  4. Competing programs

    • Number and locations of programs (internal, regional, national, international)
    • What is RIT’s competitive advantage over these programs?
  5. Curricular design and structure (for presentation to ICC or GC only, include Table 1a or 1b, as appropriate)

    • Brief summary of credit distribution among types of courses
    • Novel curricular features
    • Mode of delivery
    • Summer, International, Experiential opportunities
  6. Enrollment Projections (taken from the executive summary, short table)

    • First year
    • Steady state
  7. Budget Projections

    Include the Academic Program Proposal Projection that includes the information below, and be prepared to talk about the information

    • Faculty/ Staff
    • Equipment
    • Space
    • Cost model (includes revenue generation)
    • Time table to reach break-even point
    • Incremental resources


ICC or Grad Council Presentation to Academic Senate

  • Distribution

    • Presentation slides provided to proposers prior to Academic Senate meeting
    • Presentation given to Academic Senate after the program is presented
  • Presentation to include the following:

    • Generic explanation of academic program review - items may include but not limited to: comparison of program to the strategic plan, to the academic blue print, to similar programs elsewhere, to other RIT programs
    • Explanation of any extra steps in the review that went beyond the generic explanation – only used when necessary
    • Committee/council recommendation for approval of the program, vote included
    • Findings (positive and negative) on which the recommendation was based