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Joe Lanzafame, Convener
Nana Andoh (GIS) 2019-2021 (2nd Term)
Nathan Cahill (COS) 2019-2021 (1st Term)
Jeanne Christman (CET) 2018-2020 (1st Term)
Heidi Miller (CHST) 2019-2021 (1st Term)
Dino Laury (NTID) 2018-2020 (2nd Term)
Christine Licata (Provost’s delegate, ex officio, voting) Open Term
Rob Stevens (KGCOE) 2019-2021 (1st Term)
Sarah Thompson (CAD) 2018-2020 (1st Term)
Kristen Waterstram-Rich (Associate Provost's delegate for AY2019) Ex Officio, Non-Voting (Normally it is an open term but K. Waterstram-Rich is only on the committee while C. Licata is on sabbatical)
Tracy Worrell (COLA) 2018-2020 (1st Term)
Mike Yacci (GCCIS) 2019-2021 (1st Term)
Hao Zhang (SCB) 2019-2021 (2nd Term)
At Large Reps    
Aaron McGowan (COS) 2019-2021 (1st Term)
Joseph Lanzafame (COS)  2018-Spring 2020 (2nd Term)
Liz Lawley (GCCIS) AY2019 - A. Hudson will be replaced AY2019