Effective Leadership Skills Workshop for Women Faculty and Administrators

On January 22nd, 2015, Jane Tucker, president of her own consulting firm Jane W. Tucker & Associates, facilitated a workshop to 18 faculty and administrative participants through a group entitled Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education, or COACHE, designed to give participants some basic concepts of leadership and the opportunity to explore what is known about gender and its role in leadership situation, as well as reflect on their own leadership challenges, and do some self-assessment and planning to identify/develop areas for skill enhancement. 

This workshop provided a variety of instructional approaches, including presentation, small group discussion, experiential learning, and a panel discussion.  Panelists included Risa Robinson, Department Head of Mechanical Engineering, Kit Mayberry, Vice President for Strategic Planning and Special Initiatives, and Sophia Maggelakis, Dean of the College of Science.   

This workshop, held through the College of Science Women in Science or WISe Program was supported in part by an AdvanceRIT Connect Grant, RIT, and Faculty Career Development Services.  To read more about WISe and the Connect Grants, please visit http://www.rit.edu/science/wise and the Grants website here.


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Communicating with Confidence: A Three Part Series

Faculty: Communicating with Confidence- You Have to Give a Talk?
March 31, 2015
River Room Crossroads
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Faculty: Communicating with Confidence- Get to the Point!  Writing Effective Emails and Reports
April 21, 2014
River Room Crossroads
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Faculty: Communicating with Confidence- Oh No! Not Another Meeting!
April 28, 2015
River Room Crossroads
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Lisa Moretto, president of RGI International, Inc., is hosting a three-part series for faculty in regards to communicating with confidence. 

These sessions provide techniques including:

  • Planning and preparing a presentation
  • Developing an effective platform presence
  • Arranging facts for maximum impact
  • Structuring a coherent proposal
  • Being a productive meeting participant
  • Learning how to delegate tasks to the appropriate people

Individual coaching sessions are available April 30 and May 1, 2015 to workshop participants who attend at least two of the three Communicating with Confidence workshops.

Please visit the Wallace Center to register.    

Please contact Korine Sherry at kasnbt@rit.edu with any questions.

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Changing Organization Culture in STEM Fields: a Woman’s Practice and Leadership Perspective

April 23, 2015
James Gleason Hall- 3139
11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Dr. Nancy Ferris, Director of the Kodak Research Labs and Vice President of the Kodak Technology Center, will be hosting a workshop that will discuss the change of an organization’s culture and how it reflects a diverse participation in STEM fields that is driven by both bottoms-up and top-down approaches.

She will discuss a 30+ year career in the STEM fields where such a culture change occurred, providing examples to demonstrate how both approaches help to move the culture in a sustainable direction to increase both the participation and satisfaction of women scientists.  This event is co-hosted with the President’s Commission on Women and the Council for the Representation & Engagement of Women Faculty. 

Registration for this event is posted on the Wallace Center event site.



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2013-2014 Connect Grant Recipients

In the past year since being awarded Connect Grants, the 2014 recipients have been working extensively to complete proposals, write papers, and conduct research. 

Professors Cat Ashworth and Atia Quadri collaborated with several students to create a section of an animated film entitled The Iroquois Creation Project, now permanently displayed at the new Seneca Art Center in Victor, NY.  This film includes character and background animation work done by students as well as the filming of the Garth Fagan Dancers and the Iroquois Traditional Dancers.  Cultural content was researched and advised by the current site manager of the Ganondagan Historic Site.  The Iroquois Creation Project premiered in July 2014 and will be entered into national and international festivals.           

Dr. Evelyn Brister currently works to analyze the gendered citation disparities in philosophy of science.  She has worked with Inmaculada de Melo Martín of Weill Cornell Medical College and has attended a conference on feminist approaches to science and technology studies at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.  In the future, she hopes to create and evaluate a pilot study as well as further research the relative rates at which men cite men vs. women and the rate at which women cite men versus women.

Dr. Behnaz Ghoraani is currently investigating the variation in the total conduction delay from Multi-Polar Diagnostic Catheter (MPDC) electrograms as the MPDC moves towards a Rot A (rotor-like activities source).   She has established a mentoring relationship from outside of RIT to support professional and grant writing development, as well as design a set of experiments.  The results from the experiments have been presented at the Upstate NY Cardiac Electrophysiology Society meeting and a journal paper has been submitted to the Simulation of Heart Function Journal. 

Drs. Ann Howard, Deborah Blizzard, Caroline Delong, Lisa Hermsen, and Corinna Schlombs have initiated an Appreciative Inquiry process within the College of Liberal Arts, seeking ways to increase professional and leadership development among women, increase representation of diverse faculty, and to improve the satisfaction and experiences of faculty.  An outside Appreciative Inquiry practitioner will introduce theoretical background and practice to the College of Liberal Arts, which will help to develop a project strategy encompassing the Appreciative Inquiry model of “Define, Discovery, Dream, Design, and Delivery.”    

Drs. Lea Michel and Kara Maki have researched the need for more effective mentoring for women faculty and expand representation of a more diverse faculty.  They are currently working with the Women in Science (WISe) group to increase the opportunities for women in the College of Science to network with one another, through WISe Lunch and Discussion Series events as well as an Effective Leadership Workshop offered through COACHE.

Drs. Carol Romanowski, Sumita Mishra, Yin Pan, and Xumin Liu created a P2P program, a peer mentoring group.  During their time with the Connect Grant, they wrote journal articles, made contacts with program managers, and met with coaches in regards to career success.  They attended a NSF CISE Career Writing Workshop as well and visited NSF program directors in Washington, DC.  Three proposals, one conference paper, and two abstracts were written and submitted during this time with the grant. 

Dr. Patrick Scanlon has been researching and creating a group that will provide post-tenure mentoring in the School of Communication.  Work-life balance, career planning, and promotion to full professor for all faculty members are several of the topics that are emphasized within the mentoring group.   Information and research regarding post-tenure mentoring nation-wide was gathered and helped to create a group on campus.  There were several workshops held over the Fall Semester 2014-2015, and a website was created to provide more information to the public.  The site can be viewed by clicking here.

Dr. Deirdre Schlehofer, Dr. Annemarie Ross, Karen Beiter, Wendy Dannels, and Dr. Susan Foster have investigated effective mentoring and leadership skills for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Women Faculty at NTID.  The purpose of their research was to advance the careers of these faculty members by creating opportunities for mentoring and interaction with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing role models, such as internationally-renowned Dr. Liisa Kauppinen, recipient of the 2013 United Nations Human Rights Award Prize.  Four videos have been captioned and voice interpreted. 

For more information about the Connect Grant recipients, please visit the AdvanceRIT website.



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