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From Gene Fram

Further reading on Applied Critical Thinking in Higher Education by or about Eugene Fram, RIT faculty and staff.

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Jennifer Schneider

Mapping the development of applied critical thinking skills in engineering, technology & computing majors 
Jennifer Schneider, Anne Wahl, Michael Long

Creating resilient communities in the face of man-made and natural disasters
Jennifer Schneider

Faculty Alert: Why Are Employers Giving Low Marks to College & University Grads?  
Eugene Fram

Critical thinking across the [undergraduate] curriculum (CTAC) 
Clarence Burton Sheffield, Jr.

Thinking Chair: What one university is doing to promote critical thinking
Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed

Higher education must lead business to maximaize full value of employees
Bill Destler

Wanted: More US college grads with critical thinking skills
Eugene Fram

College and university students have opportunity to expand expertise
Eugene Fram

Avoiding curriculum myopia in colleges and universities
Eugene Fram