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Strategic Action Plans


Annual Reports



2017-18 Fram Advisory Board

  • Callie Babbitt, Golisano Institute for Sustainability
  • Heath Boice-Pardee, Student Affairs
  • Cory Crane, College of Health Sciences and Technology
  • Roger Dube, College of Science
  • Michael Eastman, At Large Member
  • David Long, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences
  • Rachel Mazique, National Technical Institute for the Deaf
  • Les Moore, Saunders College of Business
  • Sylvia Perez-Hardy, Golisano College of Computing & Information Sciences
  • Patricia Poteat, College of Applied Science & Technology
  • Colette Shaw, Student Affairs
  • Brian Thorn, Kate Gleason College of Engineering
  • Lawrence Torcello, College of Liberal Arts

2017-18 Fram International Advisory Board

Mark Baskin, Rochester Institute of Technology - Kosovo

Francis Brassard, Rochester Institute of Technology - Croatia

Jonathon Penny, Rochester Institute of Technology - Dubai

2017-18 Fram Exteral Advisory Board

  • Jason Edwards
    Vice President of Category Leadership - Total US Grocery
    Pinnacle Foods Group LLC
  • Robert Jacoby
    Consultant to The Energy Industry
    Former Global Manager at Royal Dutch Shell
  • Ellen Moser
    Board of Directors
    Fundraising Committee Chairperson
    Brentwood Library Foundation
  • Daniel Norselli
    President & Publisher
    D&C Digital
  • Chris Petescia
    Chief Experience Officer
    Carrot Creative
  • Bill Standwill
    General Manager, International
    T2 Biosystems, Inc.
  • Chris Tanski, MD, MSEd
    Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
    SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • Krista Vardabash
    KV Strategies

Our themes for Applied Critical Thinking for 2015-2018 are Complexity- Uncertainty- Creativity.  Why did we choose these focus areas?

Complexity: Critical thinking is key to our mastery of the complex world we live in. We think critically in our effort to wrestle with complex issues and problems, through consideration of evidence and unknowns across domains or differing views.  We seek to understand before we can meaningfully shape our world. And certainly, the world is not getting simpler! We want to and we need to exercise our mental muscles.

Uncertainty: Life comes with no guarantees, and each decision we make should be informed by consideration of the information and opportunity in front of us.  This careful analysis must also acknowledge what we do not know, cannot foresee or that which may be misconstrued or misrepresented.  Many times it is the unknown that drives the equation or the outcome, and critical thinking supports our ability to be thoughtfully skeptical, prepared, and yet open to unrealized possibility.

Creativity: Applied Critical Thinking at its best, allows us to reach forward and create an informed and better future, by understanding not only where we have been, but the challenges and opportunities before us.  It allows us to learn, grow and manifest our best outcomes.