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"… an amazing part of my break."

February 11, 2014

Love is a potion mixed up by careless fools
And it takes two and it takes two
Love isn't certain, it comes right out the blue
And when she casts her spell, there's nothing you can do
- Sub Focus, "Out the blue"

I'm learning that sometimes a posting can just fall out of the blue and onto your lap. Here's a delightful email passed onto me from Alla Bailey who taught an innovative course during the intersession. 

Thanks, Alla, for your pioneering effort!



The first “Clean Energy: Hydrogen /Fuel Cells” Intersession Course has successfully ended. Eleven RIT students took the course from different states and even different countries.

The final grades are very high: 10 students have an “A” and one student has a “B”. The grades are much higher than the grades of all the On-Line “Clean Energy” courses I have given for the last five years. I believe that the main reasons are:  

  1. The students were concentrated on only one course for this period of time
  2. Several “live” lectures-reviews I gave via ‘Adobe Connect’ made the on-line course closer to the “face-to-face” lecture course. The students had a better chance to understand the more difficult topics.
  3. The virtual Lab Demo session “Measuring the amount of hydrogen generated, and construction of fuel cells”that was given for the first time via ‘On-Line’ helped students to better understand the hydrogen systems.
  4. Video-activities followed by graded discussions via MyCourses gave students better understanding of the issues of Global Warming and needs for clean energy and the development of the "Hydrogen Society”.

I got several messages from students including one I received from Lucinda Dass: "Taking your Clean Energy course was an amazing part of my break. I learned a lot and the review in certain general chemistry principles was a refreshing feature of the class… "

I believe we got a very good response for offering this intersession course and I am very happy to have had this opportunity.


Alla V. Bailey, Ph.D., D.Sci (Chemistry)
Senior Lecturer
School of Chemistry and Materials Science