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COACHE Subpopulation Data

March 6, 2015

COACHE LogoOver the past few years, RIT has participated in the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE), based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. As you know, the COACHE task force has been diligent about analyzing the wealth of data collected in the 2012 faculty survey. The purpose of this data analysis is to better understand our faculty experiences, create or improve conditions for faculty success and identify areas where as a university, we can best focus our resources to support faculty development, promotion and growth.

The task force recently completed their final report outlining survey results for important RIT subpopulations drilled down by gender, hearing status and ethnicity. The results can be found on my website; more information including past reports and presentations are available on the COACHE website hosted by Faculty Career Development Services.

I encourage you to review this report, which delves into significant differences in faculty satisfaction in the areas of mentoring, interdisciplinary work, tenure clarity, and work resources, among others.

This information, compiled, assessed and refined by the COACHE task force, will guide the administration moving forward as we embark on our Strategic Plan: Greatness through Difference, and find ways to build on our faculty diversity.

I would like to thank the COACHE task force for all the work they’ve done over the past three years to thoroughly investigate and pull meaningful, actionable results from the survey data.  They will be entering into a well-earned hiatus until late summer, when we will begin to discuss the next iteration of the survey process.