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NSF ADVANCE Evaluator visit

February 13, 2015

AdvanceRITDuring March 16 and 17, RIT will host a team of NSF ADVANCE evaluators who will evaluate the progress of the work of our ADVANCE team to date. This visit marks the mid-point for the ADVANCE grant and Dr. Margaret Bailey and her team of co-PIs have been working diligently with the Executive Advisory Committee to ensure that the visit proceeds smoothly. 

This visit will be an important event for the campus as it reflects our ability to demonstrate to NSF our genuine progress to deliver on the grant objectives.

As part of this visit, Dr. Margaret Bailey and her team are compiling a data set that the grant identifies as 'NSF Indicators'. This data set includes an extensive list of quantifiable information such as number of faculty at various ranks disaggregated by gender and ethnic background. This data was made available at the department level and was shared with chairs and directors at the February 6 Chairs and Directors meeting.

We have so much to be proud about with the success of the grant and this pride will tangible when the evaluators come to visit.  Hats off to all who work hard on the ADVANCE grant and are making RIT a great place to work and learn.