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Challenging stereotypes about computer science programs
October 9, 2015

Over the summer, I came across an opinion piece by Daniel Gelernter “Why I’m not looking to hire computer-science majors,” in The Wall Street Journal. This blog post is a response to that commentary.

In my opinion, Mr. Gelernter paints today’s college graduates with too broad a brush. I would suggest that rather than dismissing computer science graduates, he instead focus on looking in the right places for his employees.

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25 things to consider before tenure review
September 25, 2015


A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to speak to the new tenure-track faculty at the new faculty orientation and I chose to give to them a list of 25 things for them to consider by the time they come up for tenure. The idea was not to undergird the usual suspects (“write lots of papers", "get good teaching evaluations", "serve on committees”) but rather think of what we will be looking for in 6 years from now.


So here they are - the 25 things for pre-tenure faculty to consider prior to submitting their dossier for tenure review:

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Frankenstein, symbolic logic, and student-centered research at RIT
September 11, 2015

Occasionally, I read a really great book that is worth sharing and I’m pleased to share Walter Isaacson’s book “The Innovators: How a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks created the digital revolution”. It is about those people who created the computer and the Internet and how innovation occurred, bringing about one of the most important revolutions in our lives. 

While the entire book is fascinating, I was particularly struck by the story of Augusta Ada King or later Lady Ada Lovelace, who in a nutshell, was the inventor of computer programming.

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We are in the dream business
September 4, 2015

On Sunday, August 16, I attended an Ironman race in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. Over 2,500 participants swam 2.4, biked 112, and ran 26.2 miles while more than 5,000 spectators watched and almost 4,000 volunteers assisted. Now boil away the pro athletes, the massive marketing push, the carnival atmosphere, and you find the core and essence of what these events are all about. They are about people.  About people dreaming they can achieve something they didn’t think they could.

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Welcome back!
August 28, 2015

To all faculty, staff and students, I extend a very hearty and warm welcome to the 2015-2016 academic year at Rochester Institute of Technology. It is delightful to see the campus brimming with activity, excitement, and friends. 

Of course, the year really started last week with students moving in, convocation and the President’s address to the community. Dr. Destler’s presentation on Friday really demonstrated how far we have come as a university and I think some highlights are worth repeating … 

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Promotion: A New Era
April 20, 2015

This message was sent to RIT faculty on April 20, 2015


With the promotion to full professor letters now distributed and with changes to our promotion policy (E6.0) effective this fall, this is a perfect time to discuss how those changes should impact faculty. 

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Encouraging a robust portfolio of online general education courses
April 10, 2015

It is fascinating to reflect on the constantly changing landscape of online education. Just a few years ago, we could not open an issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education without reading about MOOCs. Of course, MOOCs remain popular but how they will become an integrated part of the critical strategy of higher education remains to be seen. At the same time, with pressure from student demand, institutions have ramped up their offerings of online courses. 

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Interdisciplinary, Co-teaching Request for Proposals in Process
March 27, 2015

If you have been engaged with the RIT strategic planning process, you would know how prevalent the topic of interdisciplinary education and research pervades the plan. Every strategic planning task force mentioned this in one form or another.

Wanting to waste no time in moving forward with encouraging new interdisciplinary courses and to facilitate team teaching, President Destler has set aside funding and asked me to lead a request for proposal process. This is absolutely a terrific opportunity for RIT to move forward with its aspirations to be great through our uniqueness.

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