Your RIT Diploma reflects years of hard work and an extraordinary achievement. Just like you, the document has unique qualities that sets it apart from peers:

  • Designers: The current RIT Diploma was designed by longtime RIT professors Archie Provan and David Pankow, and traces its roots back to 1981. Provan and Pankow were highly regarded professionals and educators in the design and printing fields, and applied decades of experience and design knowledge to this important document.
  • Design philosophy: The document is designed to convey a deep connection to RIT’s history and traditions and to reflect a desire that all RIT alumni have a diploma that connects them through decades – and perhaps centuries – of graduating classes.
  • Highlighted elements: Several design features highlight the uniqueness of your diploma:
    • Blackletter Rochester Institute of Technology masthead – hand-lettered by RIT Professor Hermann Zapf, one of the most renowned calligraphers and type designers of the mid-20th century. To our knowledge, no other educational institution has a design element with this pedigree.
    • Proprietary font – A custom character set is used specifically for the RIT diploma.
    • Alignment – as RIT’s degree programs evolve over time, and our students pursue two, or even three minors, dual degrees, and BS/MS degrees, the left flush design can accommodate long degree names and multiple degrees conferred simultaneously. This unique feature sets RIT’s diploma apart from those of most of our peer institutions, who center all content.
    • Gold stripe – there are four variations on the diploma concurrent with the degree level conferred and reflected in the size of the diploma, and the use of a gold foil stripe on the left edge. All undergraduate and graduate diplomas are 10 x 12, doctoral diplomas are 11 x 14. In addition to the gold seal, bachelor’s degree diplomas have a thin, truncated stripe on the left side of the document; graduate diplomas have a thicker, full stripe; and Ph.D. diplomas have a thick, full stripe the length of the document. Certificates, associate degrees, and advanced certificates do not include a gold stripe.
    • Document security – in the modern era, it is necessary to ensure that the document cannot be readily counterfeited. Several features incorporated into the design are used for the purpose of ensuring that your diploma is genuine, reflecting your extraordinary accomplishment.

Your RIT Diploma is designed and produced with a level of quality for you to proudly frame and display. We hope you treasure this important document, and view it as a reminder of your alma mater’s commitment to you as an alumnus/alumna and a lifelong member of the RIT family.