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The motherlode: #RIT prof Richard O’Shaughnessy quoted in Scientific American @LIGO #gravitationalwaves @RIT_CCRG
#RIT ranked 22nd for student economic mobility - #RIT changes students lives so they can change the world
Hooray! @RITCroatia Zagreb has a wonderful updated student lounge!
#RIT now over 19,000 students as a system thanks to our global campuses!
RT @SGawlowicz: Cosmic collision throws open window to universe. #RIT scientists helped identify and explain the science. @RIT_CCRG
RT @ritdubai: Dr. Ghalib, Chair of Mechanical Engineering visited the Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) on the NY campu…
RT @LIGO: LIGO, Virgo, and partners make the first detection of #GravityAndLight from colliding neutron stars!
RT @SGawlowicz: #RIT researchers help usher in era of multi-messenger astronomy with LIGO discovery #RITNews #NeutronStars @RIT_CCRG
Met @RIT_Alumni Adam Fletcher and loved how his #startup is using #AI to make gaming more interesting…
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