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Message from the Provost: I continue to be very impressed by the many great stories of inspired teaching, research, and service that I hear every day from every corner of our university. These stories are so noteworthy that it is unthinkable not to share them with the world. As provost, I am committed to building an environment that fosters and cultivates the faculty excellence that is the foundation of RIT's success.The deans have joined me in this effort by creating college-level awards that recognize excellence in teaching, research, service and advising to complement our university-level awards. Motivated by the success of the Faculty Scholarship website, we offer this online presence to inform members of the RIT community about the wealth of talent and creativity that lives in our community and to provide public recognition and acknowledgement of faculty who excel. I am proud of our faculty's accomplishments and I hope they will enthuse and stimulate you as they have enthused and stimulated me.