Information on faculty searches, appointments, assignments, evaluation, tenure, promotion, and mentoring; as well as information on program development and review (current and future)

Enhancing Department Climate A guide containing suggestions for promoting positive attitudes and behaviors within a department.
Faculty Mentoring@RIT Link to the Faculty Mentoring website for all faculty members to help them build a constellation or network of mentors.
Tips for Your Role in Faculty Mentoring A checklist for supporting new faculty. Includes helpful tips that are categorized into the following three areas: general support, mentoring support and tenure support.
RIT Office of Faculty Recruitment Provides support, direction, and training to committees conducting faculty searches.
Advocating for Your Department Ideas for outreach to alumni and the public with the goal of acquiring resources or furthering your department's goals.
Working with your Dean A list of suggestions for building solid working relationship with your Dean.
Common New Faculty Issues and Solutions Some of the most common issues new faculty members face are described here, along with suggestions on issues to address or avoid.