Information on student recruitment, student engagement, student retention, admissions, and parents

Student Engagement and Retention Five articles on the topic of student retention: "Where Current Retention Efforts Fall Short", "Defining and Delivering the Unique Student Experience", "Building Bridges Across Student and Academic Affairs", Removing Barriers to Student Success", "Identifying and Interviewing with At-Risk Students"
Student Recruitment Activities A list of best practices for departmental/faculty involvement in student recruitment. Includes activities and practices that departments can use to promote student recruitment.
Student Engagement Best Practices Lessons from a national survey of first-year and senior students at baccalaureate-granting colleges and universities to assess the extent to which they engage in proven educational practices.
Engaging Millennial Students A list of leading characteristics of Millennials’ ideal learning environments, their preferences regarding assignments and assessment, and the characteristics of their ideal professor.
Using Teaching Evaluations Guidelines for using student evaluations to improve teaching. Includes information on sufficient response ratios, appropriate comparisons, and written comments.
Working with Parents Suggestions for understanding and communicating with concerned parents.
Student Retention Best Practices A compendium of successful, innovative retention programs and practices throughout North America.
RIT Admissions Office Admission information for freshmen, transfers, graduate students, NTID, online learners, as well as financial aid and student orientation information.
RIT Office of Graduate Studies Graduate student guide, resource links, news, and contacts.
Improving Student Retention Describes two important steps for improving student retention. Also includes a brief list of recommended readings.
ACT Survey on Student Retention Practices This report presents the findings for private four-year colleges that participated in ACT’s 2010 What Works in Student Retention survey.