About the Working Committee on Faculty Evaluation

The Working Committee on Faculty Evaluation (WCFE) was established by the Provost in collaboration with AdvanceRIT, the deans, and Faculty Career Development to make recommendations for improvements in the annual faculty evaluation process.

The WCFE studied the enterprise-wide faculty evaluation “system” at RIT (evaluation policies, procedures, and outcomes) and explored ways to improve consistency, fairness, and transparency in the system. AdvanceRIT provided initial funding for a consultant to research best practices in the field. This review served as a springboard for the WCFE’s more intensive study which included a review of RIT Policy E7.0 and the specific evaluation procedures and practices used within each of RIT’s colleges and degree-granting units[1].

The WCFE also gathered data from other ADVANCE schools, the Education Advisory Board (EAB), and COACHE survey results. The Council of Chairs devoted its January 2017 meeting to a discussion of this topic and provided helpful perspectives and suggestions related to the goals of faculty evaluation, the self-evaluation component, the evaluation meeting, and the actual outcomes from the evaluation. Taken together, results of this fact-finding revealed some interesting findings that laid the foundation for the recommendations made in this report.

While fact-finding by the WCFE uncovered considerable variability across colleges and even among departments[2]within colleges with respect to how certain aspects of E7.0 are implemented, the WCFE calls for “consistency” throughout the report. It is important that consistency not be understood to mean uniformity. Our goal in this report is to provide recommendations for uniform processes that are applied in a consistent fashion but which, at the same time, allow for performance expectations to be flexible and established at the college, department, and faculty level.

Working Committee on Faculty Evaluation Members

  • Judy Bender, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Division of Finance and Administration
  • Paul Craig, Department Head, College of Science, School of Chemistry and Materials Science
  • Christine Licata, Senior Associate Provost, Office of the Provost (Co-chair)
  • Maureen Valentine, Interim Department Chair, College of Applied Science and Technology, Department of Civil Engineering Technology & Environmental Management, ADVANCE (Co-chair)
  • Kristen Waterstram-Rich, Interim Associate Dean, College of Health Science and Technology
  • Lynn Wild, Associate Provost for Faculty Development & the Wallace Center, Office of the Provost (retired)
  • Jamie Winebrake, Dean, College of Liberal Arts
  • Jay Yang, Department Chairperson, Kate Gleason College of Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering
  • Susan Provenzano, Assistant Vice President, Division of Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost

Reports and Recommendations


[1] College = The term college used in this report refers to all degree-granting units at RIT within which faculty reside and for which Policy E7.0 applies.

[2] Department = The term department is used in this report to mean departments, or other structures within colleges, within which faculty reside and which are overseen by a department chair, department head, or director.