Articles & Presentations 

The following articles/presentations have either been authored by members of the Faculty Career Development team, or have been written about the work of our unit. 

  • Mee, Susan, Herdklotz, Cheryl, and Canale, Anne Marie. Faculty Orientation to Off-Campus and International Campus Locations. Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning. DOI: 10.1080/1533290X.2018.1499238, September 5, 2018
  • Susan Mee, Cheryl Herdklotz and Anne Marie Canale, presented at the 18th Distance Library Services Conference (DLSC) in San Antonio, April 2018. The DLSC focuses on the challenges and rewards of delivering library services and resources to distance students and faculty. Their presentation, Delivering a Collaborative Faculty Orientation to Off-Campus and International Campus Locations, covers their experience with a pilot International Faculty Orientation delivered remotely to RIT’s campuses in Dubai, Croatia, and Kosovo.
  • Article republished in recent anthology: Wild, L., Canale, A., & Herdklotz, C. (2018). The power of many: Mentoring networks for growth and development. In H. Zimar & J. Montgomery (Ed.), Mentorship in higher education: Practical advice and leadership theories.  Washington, DC: American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO).
  • Herdklotz, Cheryl, and Canale, Anne Marie. Made to Order. Inside Higher Ed. December 2017
  • Auburn, Luke. RIT helps foster faculty growth through mini grants. University News. Rochester Institute of Technology. October 2017
  • Wild, Lynn, Herdklotz, Cheryl, & Canale, Anne Marie.  The power of many: Mentoring networks for growth and developmentCollege & University. April 2017
  • Bureau, Scott. Faculty development grants power new ideas. RIT Athenauem. February 2016.
  • Bureau, Scott Bureau. Life Coach to Present at The Wallace Center Career Development Workshop, University News, Rochester Institute of Technology. January 2016
  • Cook, Lisa. How RIT is Building an Adjunct Community, Academic Impressions, Higher Ed Impact. April 6, 2016
  • Cook, Lisa. Beyond Workshops: How RIT Incentivizes Faculty Development, Academic Impressions, Higher Ed Impact. August 14, 2015
  • Cook, Lisa, and Fusch, Daniel. "George": How RIT is Encouraging Interdisciplinary Collboration. Academic Impressions. Higher Ed Impact. September 17, 2015

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