RIT’s International Faculty Orientation Pilot
April 2018

Susan Mee, Cheryl Herdklotz, and Anne Marie Canale recently presented at the 18th Distance Library Services Conference (DLSC) in San Antonio. The DLSC focuses on the challenges and rewards of delivering library services and resources to distance students and faculty. Their presentation titled “Delivering a Collaborative Faculty Orientation to Off-Campus and International Campus Locations” covers their experience with a pilot International Faculty Orientation delivered remotely in early fall 2017 to RIT’s campuses in Dubai, Croatia, and Kosovo. Sue Mee is Global Librarian, RIT Libraries;  Cheryl Herdklotz and Anne Marie Canale are Faculty Development Research Consultants, Innovative Learning Institute.

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FCD Publishes Article: "Made to Order"
January 2018

A one-size-fits-all faculty orientation program may not effectively reach all faculty members, given differences in ranks, roles and experience, write Cheryl Herdklotz and Anne Marie Canale.

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Faculty Career Development Yearbook
September 2017

The Faculty Career Development 2016-2017 Yearbook gives readers a sense of all the activities and resources we provide:

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FCD Publishes Article: Mentoring Networks for Growth and Development
July 2017

Lynn Wild, associate provost for faculty career development and The Wallace Center; Cheryl Herdklotz, senior faculty career development consultant; and Anne Canale. faculty career development consultant, published a paper in the spring issue of College and University Journal about developing mentoring networks for faculty growth. 

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How RIT is Building an Adjunct Community
April 2016

When thinking about a student issue or working on a syllabus, faculty members often seek the advice of a colleague — usually by just walking to the office next door. For adjunct faculty, however, the colleague next door has often left for the day and administration offices may also be shut. Adjunct faculty often operate largely on their own, and have a difficult time meeting colleagues who can provide feedback and support.

When institutions deliberately build adjunct communities, this allows the faculty to support each other, helps make adjunct faculty feel appreciated and rewarded, and improves adjunct teaching and student success in the classroom.

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Faculty Development Grants Power New Ideas
February 2016

“It’s a chance for us to sit down for lunch or snacks and say what’s going great and what needs work in our professional lives,” said Olles, a senior lecturer in the school. “We’ve found that together as a group we can help each other solve any problems.”

The meeting is just one element of the mentoring program the school put in place this year to assist faculty with promotion, scholarship and teaching, professional development and pedagogy. The growing program is made possible with help from grants offered through RIT’s Faculty Career Development (FCD).

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Workshop Aims to Help Faculty Manage Career Transitions
January 2016

A new workshop presented by life coach Ginny Hronek will help RIT faculty plan for and manage opportunities and obstacles in their careers.

The workshop, titled Evolving Your Career: Managing Transitions, is from 10 a.m. to noon Feb. 5 in the Bamboo Room, Campus Center. The event, hosted by The Wallace Center, is open to all RIT faculty. Lunch will be provided at 11:30 a.m.

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Beyond Workshops: How RIT Incentivizes Faculty Development
August 2015

Competing demands on faculty time is frequently an obstacle to designing successful faculty development programs. "Events are not always successful because of people's schedules," explains Lynn Wild, Associate Provost for Faculty Development and The Wallace Center at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.

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