Faculty Career Development (FCD) offers several opportunities to learn more about promotion and tenure at RIT. 

Mid-Tenure Review Info-Session and Panel

Are you curious about the mid-tenure process?  This event will answer some of your questions.  The panel discussion begins with a presentation covering RIT’s policies on the tenure and promotion process. Following the presentation a panel consisting of your colleagues share their experience with the process, followed by breakout sessions with a representative from each of the colleges. Faculty are reminded to always check with the department chair/dean's office on their specific college mid-tenure review processes. Learn more.  

Provost Ellen Granberg and Vice Provost Chris Licata's presentation at the Mid-Tenure Review session was recorded for RIT faculty. Click here to access the video:  Spring 2019 Mid-Tenure Review Session.  RIT username and password are required to access. 

Faculty Promotion Series 

Are you an associate professor, lecturer, or senior lecturer planning to pursue promotion? Originating in 2013 with the Advance Women of Color (WoC) research team, the series is referred to as Promotion and Tenure Series (P&T Smarts), and was designed for AALANA faculty to support their career advancement. FCD now coordinates these workshops for all faculty, including non-tenure track, tenure track, and tenured. The series includes: Strategies for Presenting a Strong Case Workshop: A Discussion with the Provost, University & College Promotion Policies, and Preparing Your External Letters and Research Statements. Learn more

Peer Mentoring 

Initiated with the AdvanceRIT group in 2016, FCD now facilitates the formation of peer mentoring groups for faculty who will be preparing their materials for promotion review, typically being formed in the spring semester and meeting throughout the summer. These mentoring groups are referred to as Promotion Package Preparation Groups, or simply P³ Groups.

Policies on Rank and Promotion

AdvanceRIT Tip Sheets 

Additional Reading

Good Practice in Tenure Evaluation: Advice for Tenure Faculty, Department Chairs, and Academic Administrators. American Council on Education, The American Association of University Professors, United Educators Insurance. Washington, DC: American Council on Education. PDF Document

  • Provides guidance on conducting tenure evaluations that are thoughtful and just. Authors hope the good practices offered here may lessen the frequency and impact of disputes over tenure, seeking not to debate the merits of tenure in American higher education, but rather to examine the tenure process and offer some suggestions to those responsible for conducting it.

Alexander, Barbara T.  Early Years and Planning for Tenure Review. University of Mississippi Medical Center. American Physiological Society. 

  • Describes the steps toward tenure and provides a checklist for the tenure review process.

Diamond, R. M. (1995). Preparing for promotion and tenure review: A faculty guide.  Anker Publishing Co. RIT Library Permalink.

  • This guide enumerates important questions to ask and issues to consider in approaching promotion and/or tenure review, whether at large universities or small colleges, public or private institutions, or unionized campuses. Suggestions are offered concerning the materials submitted, how to document the impact of one's professional work, and data and support materials that could be included.

Lang, J.M. (2005). Life on the tenure track: Lessons from the first year. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Press.  Ebook available at RIT Library.