Message from the Provost

Message from the Provost

I am very pleased to present the 2019 Faculty Scholarship Report. This compendium of scholarly work by RIT faculty and students represents the best of who we are as scholars and creative artists. The report provides several examples of exceptional individual and group achievements. It contains a list of the awards won, articles and books published, juried shows exhibited, and editorships undertaken by faculty members and students in 2019. I hope you take a few minutes to review the work and take pride in your own and others’ accomplishments.

The scholarly and artistic efforts within this report each contribute to RIT’s growing national reputation, and many have direct and positive impacts on communities here in western New York and around the world. This work, which ranges from developing computational systems that improve care for patients with heart disease, to understanding the role of cultural and linguistic diversity for those who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing, to discovering the closest exoplanet to Earth, puts RIT and its research at the heart of some of the world’s most technical, scientific, and social challenges.

RIT’s faculty and students continue to engage in research, pedagogical undertakings, and scholarly activities that break down boundaries inside and outside of the university. Under the leadership of our president, Dr. David Munson, Jr., RIT’s vision for the future, embodied in the university’s strategic plan Greatness Through Difference, sets ambitious research and scholarship goals for the year 2025. The work showcased in this report demonstrates the many ways that RIT’s world-class faculty are steadily achieving these goals.

In fiscal year 2019, RIT also had its second-best year ever in acquiring sponsored research funding and a record year for research expenditures. RIT received 366 new awards totaling $74 million in funding, and expenditures grew to an estimated $58 million. RIT now has 353 principal investigators associated with active research awards. Additionally, the university is on target to confer at least 40 doctoral degrees in 2020, an all-time high. Building momentum for the university to meet or exceed another 2025 goal.

I want to thank each faculty member who took the time to achievements during 2019.

Ellen Granberg, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Rochester Institute of Technology