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Trustee Scholarship Award

2010-2011 Award Recipient

Trustees Scholarship Award: The Education Committee of the Board of Trustees will recognize up to three recipients per year among RIT faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding track records of academic scholarship which "is integral to, and not separated from, all aspects of a student's educational experience at RIT".

Roy S. Berns
Roy S. Berns, Ph.D., Richard S. Hunter Professor

Munsell Color Science Laboratory
Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science

Dr. Roy Berns joined RIT in 1984 and teaches courses in applied colorimetry and the color modeling of materials and imaging systems. His research focus is using color and imaging sciences for the visual arts, particularly paintings, including 3-D imaging and computer-graphics rendering; spectral-based imaging, archiving, and reproduction; pigment mapping; visible-fluorescence imaging, colorant selection for inpainting, digital rejuvenation, and image rendering as a function of object and reproduction sizes. Dr. Berns authored the third edition of "Billmeyer and Saltzman's Principles of Color Technology" as well as more than 200 other publications. He was instrumental in the Development of both the MS and Ph.D. programs in color science and established the Macbeth-Engel, Grum, Saltzman, and DuPont color science Fellowships.

Currently, Dr. Berns' primary research interest is exploring spectral archiving and the reproduction of cultural heritage. This includes visible multi-channel image acquisition, data-efficient spectral encoding, and multi-ink ink-jet printing.