New Semester, New Scholars: Matej Zagar – RIT Croatia

Hello fellow students and Scholars! My name is Matej Zagar. I come from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, where I was born and raised. As of this semester, I can proudly say that I am a Global Scholar from RIT Croatia. My major is Web & Mobile Computing and Information Technologies, and I am currently a junior. I have always wanted to experience college in the U.S. and this year I finally got the chance to do so!  I am thrilled to share my experience with other students from around the world.

I first heard about RIT when my older brother got into the RIT Croatia International Business Program while I was still in high school. Back then RIT was still pretty new in Croatia so I didn’t really know much about it, but I do remember how motivated and excited my brother was when he started studying there, and how much practical knowledge and experience he gained through his coops.

I knew then that RIT was an amazing opportunity to have a great career and to become successful. But I had always wanted to study Mechanical Engineering, not a degree offered at RIT Croatia, so RIT wasn’t my first choice. I got into the Zagreb University of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and spent a year there. I was actually doing quite well, somehow I realized that Mechanical Engineering wasn’t really what I wanted to do. So I dropped out and immediately started the process of enrolling in the IT Program at RIT Croatia. Today I can honestly say that that was one of the best decisions of my life! I love every day of my student education and everything about RIT. The difference between a public University in Croatia and an RIT is simply huge, as RIT really offers a high quality degree and so many opportunities and activities that are hard to find elsewhere.

When I first got into the IT and Web & Mobile Computing Program, I didn’t know a lot about coding, computing or much about computers in general. Fortunately for me, I learned fast, and I got into it really quickly and I absolutely love it. It was hard at first, but as the semesters and courses got by I just got more immersed into it.

The moment I learned about the Global Scholars Program I knew that was an opportunity I could not miss. I was so excited and happy I would get to spend at least a semester at one of the best computing schools in the U.S.!

The Main Campus is huge compared to RIT Croatia! The variety of courses, free electives, extracurricular activities and things to do and learn make this experience really worthwhile. So here I am, writing to you comfortably in my campus apartment in Global Village, looking forward to each day that I spend here. It’s the middle of my third week here, and up until now the whole experience of living alone in a different country is just amazing and I believe it will just get better!

In my free time, I love to hang out with my friends, go out, just be socially active. I am an outgoing and open person. I also really enjoy sports, I trained skiing for most of my life, and a couple of other sports in my childhood years. I also like to play soccer so I joined a team for the Intramurals Soccer League, one of the many activities and clubs that RIT offers.

If you have any other questions for me, about the program or my day to day life as a Global Scholar you can always e-mail me at Make sure to follow us on social media: RITGlobal Facebook page and @RITGlobal on Instagram to get the inside scoop of the Global Scholar program and our day to day adventures at the main campus!  Hopefully, my words and experience here will be of value to all you future and current Global Scholars and students!

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