Career Fair 2017

RIT sponsors and promotes a number of career fairs throughout the year. The two major university-wide career fairs take place during the fall and spring semesters, located in the Gordon Field House. They are open to all RIT students and alumni. The fair hosts over 200 companies and has an average attendance of 4,000 students. The event provides students the opportunity to network with different company representatives, improve their interviewing skills and, potentially land a co-p or even full-time positions.

The Career Fair that my home campus in Zagreb hosts differs greatly from the Career Fair at RIT’s main campus in Rochester. The biggest difference is the format of the two fairs. RIT Croatia invites companies to conduct presentations throughout the day, which include information about the company and any open internship positions.  Students sign up for the presentations of the companies they think would interest them. Following the presentation, students are able to sign up for interviews and meet with different representatives.

In Rochester, students can approach any company that they desire and start a conversation with any of the representatives of the company. These conversations are conducted just like a job interview which allows students to practice and improve their interviewing skills. Big company names such as Kodak, Canon, Xerox and many more were present at the fair.

I felt quite nervous when I first walked into the Field House, looking at all the representatives behind their tables and the large amount of students there for the same reason that I was. I approached five different companies and felt very confident about each interview. It took me a little bit of time to warm up to this new system, but once I initiated a conversation with a representative, it didn’t seem as difficult. I made two contacts out of the five companies that I interviewed with. One of those companies was Delta Airlines and I received information about available internships for the fall. The other company was Annese, an integrated technology solutions company from Rochester that is looking to fill an internship position this upcoming summer. I was able to schedule a follow up interview with Annese for a brand management internship later this spring. This was a great experience for me and my other fellow Global Scholars to be a part of and I look forward to following up with the contacts I have made.

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