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Staying in touch and communicating with my friends from Kosovo is something I do on a regular basis. It is important to share what’s new on both sides, especially now that I am thousands of kilometers away. One of the questions I am asked frequently is what the classes are like at RIT, and the answer is not simple.

When I chose my classes for this semester as a global scholar, I looked for two things: the course title and the paragraph with the class description. The list of classes I enrolled for the semester are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Field Experience in Business Consulting
  • Design Thinking & Concept Development
  • Managerial Economics
  • Human Rights/Global Perspectives

What I could not tell in that moment is that the classes are just as diverse as their names are. While one of the classes consists only of lectures, readings and exams, another class has everything from writing assignments, working on group projects, presentations and exams. For example, the interesting thing about the Field Experience in Business Consulting class is that you get to work on real projects with existing businesses and mentors supporting you and your group. A great opportunity to get a look into the real business world!

Generalizing how classes are at RIT is impossible! In order to understand the concept of a a class it is necessary to either take a look at the syllabus or by simply experiencing the class yourself. There is one thing that all the classes at RIT have in common, that is different to the classes at my home campus, you can expect to be given a lot more homework than you are used to. Do you remember that ONE professor who assigned a huge homework load? Expect to have FIVE of them here! Doing homework efficiently and on a regular basis is something you should prepare for. The good thing is that once you accept and adapt to this fact, you will be fine.

Be aware of one thing: a class that demands more homework is not necessarily better (or worse) for you. It all depends on the best way to learn the content. For instance, I feel like I can manage the system at RIT Kosovo, where you primarily learn the material in class and only deepen the knowledge you already gained through the homework at home. It is the other way around at RIT,  in most of the classes, you learn the material through the work you do on your own time, and use the lectures to check the homework or catch up by asking the professor about it.

To get back to the question “What are the classes at RIT like?”, I would say that taking classes at RIT can be an awesome experience if you keep a few things in mind:

  • Choose your classes mindfully, because the range of options you have at RIT is larger than at your home campus.
  • Your choice of classes will have a huge impact on your academic success in that semester.
  • Talk to your home campus advisor about the classes you want to take PRIOR to getting to Rochester, and establish a relationship with an academic advisor at the main campus as soon as you arrive.

Most importantly: Don’t forget to do your homework!


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