Fun outing: Altitute trampoline park

While being a Global Scholar at RIT, you will stay in touch with the RIT Global Office a lot. Besides the help they provide with all the issues and concerns a global scholar could have during their stay, they also organize multiple exciting outings for the students.

One of these outings for our group was to Altitude, a trampoline park located a couple of blocks from the RIT campus. I can guarantee that you have not seen such a place before! It is a paradise for children, but we certainly have a lot of fun too.

Before going to the trampoline park, all of us global scholars and some other exchange students from RIT’s partner institution in France and Germany, had dinner at Lovin’ Cup, a restaurant located in Park Point, which is an apartment and commercial space complex located near RIT. It was a great opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other better.

Funny enough, the trampoline park itself confirms the cliché that everything is bigger in the US. Besides plenty of trampolines in all sizes, there are also foam pits, basketball hoops above trampolines, rock walls, dodgeball games, and many more fun things to do. The size of the park is certainly unique, and the experience is too!

Being at the Altitude trampoline park made me feel like a carefree 12 year old, a nice respite a from everyday responsibilities a college student has to deal with!




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