Go Tigers! Ice Hockey at RIT

I played soccer in many soccer clubs located around my hometown in Germany ever since I turned six. I did it passionately, but I did not do many sports besides soccer. I didn’t realize what I was missing out on until a few weeks ago when I attended my first ice hockey game.

Of course, I have heard of ice hockey before and I had a vague idea of how it’s played.

I noticed that there is one substantial difference between soccer and ice hockey. I am not talking about the fact that you need an ice rink or that it is more aggressive than soccer. The crucial difference is that an ice hockey game is an event for the whole family, including the people who are not that familiar with the sport. The celebratory atmosphere around the game grabs everyone’s attention whether they are a fan of the sport or not.

The college band cheers for the home team and tries to intimidate the visitor team with their music all while rallying the crowd with their performances between the short breaks. The “banjo cam” on the big screens digitally putting a banjo in people’s hands and expecting them to act like they play it in front of the audience, and many more things create a fun and entertaining atmosphere in the arena. All the entertainment aside, you can be certain that what happens on the rink will grab your attention! The fierce and competitive teams make the match thrilling!

Attending my first ice hockey game at RIT was an enlightening moment and definitely an experience not to be missed!



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