Housing Options for Global Scholars

You have probably checked your housing options by now and if you haven’t made up your mind yet, I hope my take on accommodation helps! You can always click here to compare residences side-by-side or by feature, review all the information I will be providing below, see the pricing, and go on a 360° virtual tour for each housing option.

So, RIT offers both on-campus and off-campus accommodation for its Global Scholars: Global Village, University Commons, The RIT Inn & Conference Center, and as of next year, Perkins Green apartments, as well. I will be exploring the four of them below, and I suggest that you choose the one that suits your lifestyle best.

On Campus

  1. Global Village

The apartments at Global Village (GV) are right at the center of the liveliest part of the campus. They are located at the academic side of the campus, meaning that it will take you less than 5 minutes to go to classes.

There are 4-people and 6-people suites at GV (with whom you would share the kitchen, the living room, and the
two full bathrooms), and there are four room types: single with kitchen, double with kitchen, single without kitchen, anddouble without kitchen.

Along with the location of GV itself come the services we all want and need: the Global Post Office, Global Village Cantina and Grille, The Market at Global Village, Shear
Global Hair Salon, and Shop One² Fine
Art & Craft Gallery, in addition to a beach volleyball court and a mixed-use, pretty plaza with twinkling lights hanging over your head.

A small secret: If, like me, you are not a fan of the cold weather, you can always walk to some of the buildings through the underground pathway and never have to face the low temperatures of a Rochester winter!

  1. University Commons

I live at University Commons (UC) and I love my apart
ment for so many reasons.

First, it is very close to the heart of the campus, and it is located at the academic side of the campus. Second, there are 4-people suites only, and each of you have your own, spacious, private bedroom. If you stay at UC, you will be sharing the full kitchen, dishwasher, living room, two full bathrooms, and washer and dryer with your threeother roommates. The farthest class from my apartment is the one located 10 minute away (4 minutes of which I spend on climbing the stairs to the 4th floor of the buildings!).

Third, by living at UC, you have quick access to all the above-mentioned services that the Global
Village Plaza offers, while you can also enjoy short, fast walks to
The most fun part about UC apartments is their dual nature: A party much? University Commons is famous for its house parties, usually taking place on Saturdays up until midnight! Looking for a quiet, homey environment? List your preferences for the noise level, guest rules, and sleep schedule and you will most probably be matched with other students like yourself!


  1. Perkins Green

Perkins Green is on the other side of the campus, located 15 minutes away from the academic buildings, but only a few away from Gracie’s (your all-you-can-eat dining facility and the largest one on campus). Free shuttle bus service is available for students during the day throughout the entire week.

Students have the option to choose between a one-bedroom apartment for one to two people or a two-bedroom apartment for two to four persons. As of Spring, in addition to the full kitchen (which is quite similar to the one in UC) and bathroom, each Perkins Green apartment will now be fully furnished, like the previous two options. If you’re a person who prefers to have some separation between school life and personal life, this would be a good fit.
These apartments have a strong community feeling attached to them. This feeling is especially noticed when making use of the shared volleyball courts and barbecue and picnic areas which are open to all resdents of those apartments. Among other amenities, Perkins Green provides free Wireless access and free laundry facilities.

What else? When you arrive, RIT Global will provide you with towels and bedding which is already included in your program cost. Apartments are all fully furnished including couches and chairs in the living room, as well as a bed, desk and dresser in your bedroom. However, you do need to buy kitchenware if you plan to cook in, toilet paper, hand soap, and even a small lamp to make a cozy environment in your bedroom. You will be able to find all of these in Walmart and Target, which are located quite close to the campus. And, you will not have to pay for transport if you plan to go there; RIT provides a free shuttle bus that runs the entire day on weekdays!

Goodbye, Goodbuy: An alternative to Walmart and Target is the “Goodbye, Goodbuy” sale, where low-priced and used things that previous students have left behind are sold. This sale usually takes place during orientation week, right before classes begin, and it sells everything from books to couches. When I say low-priced, I really mean low-priced: I bought a hair dryer for $1, a heater for $1.80, and a small trach can for $2!

Off Campus

  1. The RIT Inn & Conference Center

The RIT Inn is located less than 5 miles away from the campus and RIT provides free express shuttle service from and to campus every day of the week. The Inn has double occupancy rooms and double as single occupancy rooms and offers a premium livin for students through its free-of-charge fitness center, indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, free laundry facility, television in the room, free by-weekly housekeeping, and so forth.

Studying at RIT enables you to meet and become friends with graduate students as well! All of those I have met so far live at the RIT Inn, which has led me to the conclusion that this housing option is best for people who prefer an independent lifestyle, away from the student-life kind of vibes! However, meal plans are required for the residents of the RIT Inn… You have never had the option to cook your own food at a hotel, have you?


Note: Please keep in mind that you will be able to change your housing if you don’t like your assignment or would simply prefer to live somewhere else. So, keep calm & and e-mail Jessica for any inquiry at jemapt@rit.edu! Also, if you have any friends with whom you would like to live for that semester, you can and should, again, e-mail Jessie – she will make sure to accommodate you in the best way possible! Additionally, if you have any kind of question for my own living experience at UC, feel free to e-mail me at dije.rizvanolli@mail.rit.edu anytime of the day or week!

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