Living at Global Village

The name Global Village (GV) delivers what it conveys by giving students the feeling of being a member of a small, yet global community. And it does it in many ways, starting with the cultural diversity of its residents.

The living situation in my apartment is the best example for that. A Brazilian, a Dominican, and an American girl from Connecticut living together with a guy from Kosovo. That is a combination you do not see that often in other countries. Yet, it is quite normal at RIT, and especially at GV! Our majors are just as diverse as our cultural backgrounds, and the best part about it is building new friendships with your suite mates. It is astonishing to know that a future politician from Kosovo will probably stay in touch with an industrial engineer from Dominican Republic 20 years from now.

The amenities at GV are also representative of the Global vibe. For example, while at Salsarita’s you can find Tex-Mex food, like Burritos and Tacos, across the quad in Crossroads you can find Chinese food, pizza, pasta, and the must try Rochester specialty, the garbage plate. And if you should ever become homesick, chances are you can make yourself feel better with a quick skype call to your parents and some treats from your home country from The Market At Global Village, which offers products from around the world.

The residential buildings at GV offer suite style apartments, with four individual rooms and one double room, social areas, 2 bathrooms and (in some units) kitchen are shared with all the suite mates. GV also provides a vast amount of study rooms, lounging areas with TV’s and cinema rooms, making it the perfect place for studying and taking breaks in-between longer study-sessions. I had friends from other parts of the campus come over to study with me at GV just because of the great atmosphere!

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