Meet Dije [Dee-eh] – Your Global Scholar Correspondent for this Fall

Hi future (and current) Global Scholars! I am Dije Rizvanolli and I will be your virtual guide to “Life at RIT” for the Fall 2017 semester, covering the most interesting events while drawing from my personal experience in and outside of campus.

As I write this, I am sitting in front of a map… a beautiful, colorful world map. So, first things first! I come from Prishtina, the capital city of Kosovo – a small country located in Southeastern Europe, bordered by Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia – also home to RIT Kosovo. I am a fourth year Applied Arts and Sciences major with concentrations in Public Policy and Environmental Studies, while I also have a minor in International Relations. Yes, I know – I have an eclectic program!

Studying in my hometown with all my family and friends close by, is as easy and lovely as it can get. However, I needed something more out of my experience as a university student. I saw the Global Scholars Program as the greatest opportunity to challenge myself: get out of my comfort zone, indulge in a different culture, and embrace everything coming my way. The great thing about coming here is that you get to select from a variety of classes within your field of interest, and trust me: there are many! I have come to RIT main campus to follow environment-related lectures, classes that are not offered in my home campus, with the hope of going back to Kosovo and applying the newly-acquired knowledge to the country’s environment and energy systems.

I am very happy to be joining RIT Global and Housing Operations to bring you this blog and share my insights on this entirely-new experience. This is my third week in Rochester, so I have already caught a glimpse of what’s to come and, I have to tell you, things are looking both fun and frightening, full of ecstatic and sleepless nights!

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