New Semester, New Scholars (and an Instagram takeover): Sven Cohadzic – RIT Croatia

Hello everyone! My name is Sven Cohadzic, and I am a Global Scholar from RIT Croatia in Zagreb. I was born and raised in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. I am, currently, a third student in the International Business program.

The first time I ever heard about RIT was in a college fair in Zagreb while I was still a third year high school student. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, so the International Business program at RIT Croatia was a perfect fit. RIT Croatia ended up being my top college choice not only because of the quality of education I was going to get and the opportunity to learn in a different language but also for the opportunity to study abroad. I was immediately intrigued by the idea of studying abroad in a big American University. For me it was something I had only seen in American movies. So from the beginning I had decided that in the Spring Semester of 2018 (after turning 21) I was going to be a Global Scholar and go to the RIT main campus in Rochester for a semester … and here I am!

This study abroad journey has brought me many “firsts”: My first time in USA; first time living by myself;  first time attending such an enormous campus; first time being away from everyone I know… and I like it! Although I have been here for about a month, some things about this place still amaze me!  Most of all the size of this campus!  I think a lot of American students take this for granted, since this is just how things are here, but for a Croatian guy like me, this is something about which I cannot marvel enough. Moreover, the sizes of everything in the USA! Cars, roads, buildings, airports, even meals are so huge compared to what I’m used to.

If you are anything like me, the RIT Global Scholar program is a wonderful opportunity to discover a different country and its culture, to seize new knowledge and experiences and (maybe most important of all) to move away from your comfort zone.

So if  you want to see, first hand, my day to day life as a scholar go and follow  @RITGlobal on Instagram. I will be taking over the account for a week starting today!


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