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It may appear like it is still too early to come out with a statement like the one you’re about to read next, but just after my two weeks of classes at RIT, my already-existing belief has now turned into a fact: There is no better student (or life) experience than studying abroad! Just like any other student, I was compelled by the idea of surrounding myself with thousands of people I didn’t know, in a place I had never visited before, taking courses that are far out of my reach in my home country… all these reasons in addition to travelling itself! I am bringing this blog post to you today to explore your options for studying abroad if you are from RIT Croatia, RIT Dubai, RIT China, and RIT Kosovo.

What is the Global Scholars program?

The RIT Global Scholars program is one that enables students from RIT’s global campuses to study at RIT’s main campus for up to two semesters.

The Global Scholars Program provides the opportunity to earn RIT credits that count towards your degree program without having to transfer them – it’s as if you’ve brought your home campus with you! In addition to this, as students from RIT’s global campuses, you will continue to use the same online platforms you’ve been using so far such as SIS, My Courses, and the Wallace Library. Besides culturally transforming your student experience so far, you do so academically as well. As a Global Scholar, you may be able to take classes from other departments, from journalism to biotechnology and molecular bioscience – as long as it fits into your academic plan.*

Coming from RIT Kosovo and the School for Individualized Studies (SOIS), where I major in Applied Arts and Sciences, I had the opportunity to take an entirely different concentration, one that was not even offered at my home campus: Environmental Studies. You can browse through the classes that your college of interest offers on Tiger Center, an online enrollment application for all RIT Students.

How much does it cost?

One of the many great things about the Global Scholars program is that you pay the tuition of your home campus for either a semester or a full year (two consecutive or non-consecutive semesters), depending on how long you decide to stay abroad. If you want to study at RIT for two semesters. Other expenses that should be paid by you include: housing, student health and activity fee, textbook courses, food costs. You can find a detailed list of cost estimates for each semester by clicking on this link. Please note that the actual costs vary upon the housing of your choosing, meal plan, and health insurance.

One of the advantages of applying for the Spring semester is that you get a discounted rate for housing and that you can apply for the Orbis Scholarship if this is your first time being a Global Scholar.

Who is eligible?

There are no requirements for becoming a Global Scholar. All students can apply for the program; however, each department may have different criteria.


The application is now open and the deadline to apply for Spring Term AY2017-2018 is Thursday, October 12th, 2017!

To start your application process, please contact your home campus advisors and attend an info session.


* Global Scholars from RIT China may have different requirements.

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