Weekend Trip to Toronto

Although the RIT campus is a beautiful place, I have to admit that I was eager to get away for a few days. After some weeks of classes and the associated homework, some friends and I were ready for a change of scenery and so we planned a weekend-trip to Toronto.

This trip was very important to me, since a lot of ‘firsts’ came with it: My first road trip in the US, first time driving a car in the US, first time I got to see the countryside of Upstate New York, first time in Canada and many more.

Even though we were 5 international students, we had no issues renting a car in Rochester and getting a small apartment in Toronto’s Chinatown.

After a very pleasant 3 hour drive, we arrived in Toronto on a Saturday morning. We started our sightseeing tour right away. Toronto is an astonishing city with all the enormously tall buildings and other characteristics typical of a large urban metropolis, but strangely enough, it is not as crowded, polluted or as noisy as other big cities. We went out that night and were lucky enough to meet some Canadians who have been living in Toronto for a while. I rarely meet people who were as kind from the first moment on as they were. We had a great time with them and went on to visit another location with our newfound friends.

The next day we started off with eating pancakes with (real Canadian) maple syrup for breakfast. Afterwards, we went to see some places our new Canadian friends from the night before had recommended to us, which were more than worth seeing. After a second exhausting, yet exciting day we headed back to Rochester and even had the chance to enjoy a beautiful sunset at Niagara Falls. Definitely a worthy and amazing road trip!




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