Where Are They Now? Global Scholar Alumna, Rita Saraci, joins the conversation!

Alumna: Rita Saraci

Profession: Fashion Blogger/ Graduate Student

Home Campus: RIT Kosovo

Applied Arts & Sciences with concentrations in Media & Communications and Public Policy



Can you tell us what you are doing right now?

I just completed my Master’s Degree in International Relations at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain as one of the awarded grantees of the Young Cell Scheme Scholarship in Kosovo.

At the moment, I am just taking some time off of International Relations and Politics and focusing back on my creative side, which is Fashion Blogging. International relations and fashion blogging are almost direct opposites, yet they both take a significant place in my life. Right now, I am collaborating with various brands that are based both in Kosovo and the rest of Europe. Later this fall, I will attend the International Conference in Fashion in Cyprus, where I will be a speaker and will share my story with a huge audience. I am thrilled and still cannot believe that I’m part of this conference.

How has your study abroad experience contributed to where you are and what you do right now – both in graduate school and your career as a fashion blogger?

I am very much inspired by people’s stories. I observe a lot and listen so much. Studying in a new place with completely new people certainly broadened my horizons; people’s stories have given me limitless inspiration in working hard to reach my dream. Three years ago, people in Kosovo didn’t know much about fashion blogging and when I look back I think of myself as very brave to have started something completely new. I think that such ideas wouldn’t cross my mind if I didn’t have the chance to meet people of different backgrounds, with different personalities. The study abroad experience at RIT in New York also gave me a new perspective which has been a key factor for me to decide and continue my graduate studies abroad as opposed to Kosovo.

I believe that other than education, the people we meet, the experiences we tackle along the way, contribute massively in making us who we are. As cliché as it sounds, it is something I always mention in my interviews because I truly believe in that.

Is there any experience or story during that semester at the main campus that you remember the most?

Overall, it was a very fun experience. I spent most of my time in the huge campus of RIT, which is very dynamic and has a million things to do, but when you go in the city it is totally different. I remember this one thing and I am sure I won’t forget it so easily, I had one of the most difficult classes ever at RIT. As I was studying Media and Communications, one of the classes required was 3D Printing. By that time, I had only taken some basic classes in the Media major and definitely was not ready for this one, so I’m not sure why I decided to take it. I only remember that, literally, I couldn’t even sleep at night because I was so anxious and thinking it would be impossible for me to finish that class. And, the story doesn’t end with me telling you that I worked hard and managed to finish the class, I actually had to withdraw it, because I didn’t trust myself enough to think that I could pass. But that is fine, sometimes I think it is better not to put pressure on ourselves too much. That semester in the Rochester campus was definitely more challenging than any other semester as an undergraduate at RIT Kosovo and I am beyond grateful I did it.

What’s next for you?

I will continue to work on my blog and expand it as much as possible. I have been featured in various prestigious fashion magazines and my blog has been listed many times as one of the most
influential and ‘must-follow’ fashion blogs in Europe. I would like to expand the reach and scope of my blog and hopefully reach the point where I create my own clothing brand that creates a buzz in Kosovo and worldwide. By buzz I mean, people will wear my designs, share them and feel amazing in them.

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