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Experience China's higher education for the Deaf in Tianjin and Changchun, where you will have the opportunity to attend classes, shadow Chinese peers, and participate in various activities and projects. You will emerge with a better understanding of Chinese Deaf students' life.

  • Experience Chinese Deaf college life - attending classes, shadowing Chinese peers, and participating in activities and projects at local Chinese universities.
  • Learn and practice Chinese Sign Language and gain insight into Chinese Deaf culture.
  • Tour cultural sites around Beijing including the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, and the old Beijing Hutongs.
  • Travel with other RIT students and faculty member who is fluent in ASL and Chinese.

Application deadline for the spring/summer 2020 program has been reached. Contact the faculty director ( to inquire about next year's program.

Tianjin is home to Technical College for the Deaf, (TCD) one of the colleges at the Tianjin University of Technology (TUT), with which NTID/RIT has a long history of collaboration. TUT/TCD is China's first technical institute for the deaf. Its position at the edge of the Bohai and former status as a treaty port have made it a crossroad of cultures. 

Changchun is the capital city in the northeast of Jilin Province. Changchun University houses China's first Special Education College. Although it is not as famous in the west as Beijing, Shanghai or Tianjin, Changchun bears marks from China's darkest days in the 20th century. Changchun was the capital of Japan's puppet state Manchuko from 1932 to the end of World War II. It was where China's last emperor was forced to serve as a puppet emperor for Japan's brutal occupation. You will learn more about World War II in East Asia, including the effects of the Japanese invasion on China. At both TCD/TUT and Changchun University, you will experience Deaf college life to broaden your cultural awareness.

In addition to visiting two universities and meeting Deaf students, you will attend excursions to major historical sites and modern landmarks as part of the program. In Beijing, you will tour the Forbidden City and climb the Great Wall of China, tour the old Beijing Hutongs. These ancient sites predate European arrival and are symbols of China's past. You will have the opportunity to visit other areas of interest in Changchun and Tianjin, such as the Manchuko Palace Museum in Changchun. These excursions will expose you to China's thousands of years of history, rich culture, and regional foods.


Language of Instruction: 
English, ASL
Course Discipline: 
Deaf Studies, Cultural Studies
Open To: 

RIT Students Only

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