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RIT Global

Returned study and work abroad students have the opportunity to present at the Annual Global Learning Symposium - a celebration of study and work abroad and an exhibition of your academic accomplishments from your international experience.

Share your class project, work project, internship, research or volunteer experiences with the RIT community!

• Showcase your experience and academic projects.
• Networking opportunities.
• Add this to your resume or grad school application.
• Inspire others to study or work abroad.

Watch a short video of the 2017 Global Learning Symposium

Date of Symposium:
Wednesday, November 20th
3:00 – 5:00 pm
University Gallery, Vignelli Center

You will need to be available to present your exhibit for at least one hour during the symposium (full attendance is preferred).

Exhibitions can include:

  • A project you completed for one of your classes overseas
  • A work project from your time overseas
  • Research findings
  • Portfolio/display of creative work   
  • Cross cultural comparison of your major/field    
  • Work accomplished at an internship 
  • Impact of volunteer work

Past exhibitions have included:

  • How Do Service Expectations in Dubai Differ from the U.S.?
  • Age and Education in Sweden vs. the U.S.
  • Plastic Bottle Upcycling in Nicaragua
  • Expanding Acessibility to Prosthetics in Africa with 3D Printing
  • Italian Garden Inspired Tray Design
  • Edge of the Outback Photography Portfolio

Presentation methods can include:

  • Poster session (RIT Global will cover printing costs for study abroad students - see details below)
  • Blog/website     
  • Artifacts/Display of Objects
  • Interactive Activity /Demonstration   
  • Video/photo display

Proposals Due:
Early November

  • Please note that your proposal is just a short description of your exhibit - you do not have to have your entire project/exhibit completed by this date.
  • Proposals require basic information about the presenter and a short description of your exhibit.
  • Students may choose to present individually or as a small class group (up to 5 students).
  • Once your proposal is accepted, you will be sent an information packet with FAQ’s, guidelines for your exhibit, expectations and additional information.
  • Proposals can be submitted via the Compass here.

Exhibit Tips

  • Your exhibit should have an academic or work focus (i.e. something  you learned from your experience about your field of study).
  • This is a visual exhibit. It should be creative and visually appealing as well as informative and readable from several feet awayYour display should be easy to follow in a logical manner. Avoid clutter.
  • The goals in designing your exhibit should be to provide a clear overview of your work and to provide enough information to initiate discussion and questions.

Poster Printing
Poster sessions are a perfect way to showcase your exhibit topic. If you are a returned study abroad student, RIT Global will cover the cost of your poster printing if you decide to do a poster presentation. There are two options:

1) You can email an electronic version of your poster by Monday, April 2nd and we will take care of getting it printed for you (your file must be sized to actual printing size – a good size is 18x24). We can provide you with a Power Point template that is scaled to size that you can build off of if it would be helpful - email for this file.

2) You can get your poster printed either on-campus or off-campus and if you turn in the receipt to us, we will reimburse you for the printing cost (up to $40).

For more information, contact Michelle Fitz at