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Issue 2, Spring - May 2016
Ocean Jangda

Applied Arts & Sciences 

RIT Croatia - Dubrovnik

DW Wilson Award


Ocean Jangda - Applied Arts & Sciences

How Fulbright fits into my long term goals:

Over the course of many years spending my summers in nature, I developed a deep appreciation for nature. Today, this appreciation has evolved into a keen interest in cities, design, urban development, and business. Through RIT’s School of Individualized Study, I have been able to create a program which encompasses my interests, helping me to develop well-rounded critical thinking skills and an entrepreneurial spirit which will serve me throughout my life. Since high school, I have had an interest in architecture, and that interest has lead me to the study of real estate, and human spaces. Coming to Croatia and experiencing exciting and foreign urban environments while studying the hospitality industry in the classroom, has opened my eyes to new ideas and inspired me to learn more. Taking classes in RIT Croatia’s hospitality program has brought me closer to a career in real estate, and has helped me build a global context for the industry.

My best adventure:

For spring break I traveled to Greece. Even though Europe has been rocked by numerous terrorist attacks, and Greece is struggling to cope with refugees en masse, the trip to Athens and Santorini reaffirmed to me that Europe is full of kind, open-minded people who want to make the world a better place. 

My advice for applicants:

Just do it. It takes a lot less work than you might think, and the Study Abroad Office will bend over backwards to make sure you get there safely and have everything you need to thrive during your stay. There is probably no better investment than studying abroad, and RIT makes it easy to get out and have the time of your life. Arrange a meeting with the international fellowships advisor, and “just go”. 


DW Wilson Award


RIT Scholarship for Study Abroad at RIT Croatia.




RIT Croatia Campuses in Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

How to Apply:  

Applicants to any RIT Croatia program are automatically considered for this scholarship.

Important Dates:

May 1:

Deadline for applications to study at RIT Croatia for the fall semester.

October 1:

Deadline for applications to study at RIT Croatia for the spring semester.


May 6    Go Overseas Scholarship

              $500 to study, intern or volunteer abroad.


May 20  Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship

              $1000 scholarship for undergraduate U.S. citizens to study abroad.


May 30  Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics Scholarship

              Full scholarship (tuition, accommodation & stipend) to study international

              finance and business at the Jiangxi University in Nanchang, China.


May 31  Rotary Peace Fellowship

              Fellowship for receiving a master’s degree abroad.


May 31  MAPS Scholarship

              $1000 for students majoring in Japanese Language & Literature, Illustration & Animation


June 1  Diversity Abroad Overseas Ambassador

             $500 to study abroad as well as represent Diversity Abroad during your experience.

July 1   Global Studies Foundation Grant

             Supplemental grant for U.S. students to study abroad with particular interest in strategically

             important countries and languages.


  • Look at successful applications of your award for ideas and guidance.
  • “Ask not what the award can do for you, but what you can do for the award." Remember to demonstrate in your application how you help to achieve the goal of the award.
  • Don’t be shy.  Ask your advisors, professors, and peers to proof-read your application.