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Please note that ALL these dates may be subject to change
**If you are applying for a full academic year (Fall & Spring ) the deadline is the same as for Fall 2022: February 25, 2022
The timeline below is only for RIT Crotia, RIT Dubai & RIT Kosovo students. RIT China students can find their timeline here.

Fall 2022**

Spring 2023

Application Deadline: F - February 25, 2022

Application Deadline: F - May 20, 2022

Acceptance Communicated By: F - March 18, 2022

Acceptance Communicated By: TBD

Student Confirms Participation By: F - March 25, 2022

Student Confirms Participation By: TBD

Enrollment for GS Starts: S - April 9, 2022

Enrollment for GS Starts: After acceptance has been communicated

I-20/DS2019 E-mailed By:  M - April 25, 2022

I-20/DS2019 E-mailed by: TBD

Expected to arrive in Rochester on: TBD

Expected to arrive in Rochester on: TBD

First day of classes: TBD

First day of classes: TBD

Move out day RIT Housing:  TBD

Move out day RIT Housing: TBD