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3 Minute Research and Creativity Presentation Competition

The RIT Office of Graduate Education will be facilitating a 3 Minute Research and Creativity Presentation Contest based on the Worldwide 3 Minute Thesis Competition.  

Your college or program will be choosing students to compete. 

Here is a list of Colleges who have a contact person at this time. 

  1. CAST – James Lee
  2. GCCIS – Mike Yakki
  3. CIAS – Chris Jackson
  4. GIS – Thomas Trabold
  5. KGCOE - Ed Hensel

If you are Ph.D student your program director will be your contact person.

At this time we are no longer taking registrations on this site for presenters for this competition.  It may not be too late.  Please contact either your college rep or your program director to see if they are still taking students. 

There will be two separate competitions.

Monday February 20th - 3 minute Research and Creativity competition for all MS,MFA, MBA, MST, M.Arch, ME graduate students  1-4 p.m. Simone Center for Student Innovation 87-1600 

Each individual college will choose 3 students to compete during this competition. 

5 finalists will be chosen and win $100 each and will go on to compete at 2:30  p.m. on February 24th, 2017 at the Graduate Symposium and Showcase for a prize of $500.

Tuesday February 21st - PhD 3-minute Research and Creativity competition finals.  2-4 p.m. Simone Center for Student Innovation 87-1600

Up to two students from each Ph.D. program will be chosen by the program to participate. 

At the competition one Ph.D. student will be chosen as the winner and will receive $1000.  That student will present during the lunch program at the Symposium on February 24, 2017 and if eligible will be entered into the worldwide 3-minute thesis competition.  (The winner must meet all the requirements of the worldwide thesis competition in order to move on to that level). 

Rules of the RIT competition

1. One static slide

2. 3 minutes or less

3. The presentation must be presented in a simple manner that anyone can understand.  Think of a longer elevator speech to someone who knows nothing about your field.   



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