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9/18/15 Literature Review Workshop

September 18th  - Literature Review Workshop taught by Rachel Chaffee and Stephanie Webster - Open to all Graduate Students – 2 - 3 p.m. SAU Meeting Room A Second Floor.


Writing literature reviews is a core component of graduate work and can often seem daunting to even the most experienced writer. This workshop will provide you with an overview of the purposes of literature reviews across various disciplines and offer guidelines for organizing and writing literature reviews towards a specific research question. 


Rachel Chaffee is the Writing Commons Director and Associate Director of the University Writing Program at RIT. She has ten years of experience as a writing instructor and coordinator of writing support programs in higher education. Her research focuses on the writing practices and identity development of both graduate female engineering students and underrepresented female youth in out-of-school science education programs. She enjoys writing literature reviews.  

Stephanie Webster is a Professional Writing Consultant in the Writing Commons and a Writing Fellow working to support writing instruction and student writers in biology and mechanical engineering classes. She has worked as a writing instructor for both undergraduate and graduate students. Stephanie’s dissertation research will explore the ways that students’ identities are shaped by the variety of literacy practices they participate in.


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