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Name College Project
Mitsul Kacharia KGCOE Investigation of Radiative Emission in Quantum Well Based Solar Cell
Akshay Gaikwad KGCOE Effects of Laser Surface Texturing on Tribological Properties of Metals
Sanjay Varma Rudraraju GCCIS Strategic Behavior and Manipulation in Gender-Neutral Matching Algorithms 
Evan Morrison CLA Recognition of 2D Photo Representations of 3D Stimuli in Goldfish
Diana Rodriguez Alberto GIS Sustainable Food Waste Management Through Integrated Anaerobic Digestion and Thermochemical Process
Mosunmola Odulate KGCOE Conflict Minerals in Consumer Electronics and Lithium Ion Batteries
Shima Ghaheri CAD Design vs War
Payap Sirinam GCCIS Deep Fingerprinting: Undermining Website Fingerprinting Defenses with Deep Learning
Emily Wilson COS The Role of Convection in Determining the Ejection Efficiency of Common Envelope Interactions
Meghan Lewis CAD Combining Wearable Technology and Interactive Design to Create a Screening and Support System for Perinatal Mood Disorders



Name College Project
Dylan McIntyre KGCOE Interfacing Copper and CNT's with Conductive Adhesion Metals for Enhanced Composite Temperature Stability
Sanjay Varma Rudraraju GCCIS Strategic Behavior and Manipulation in gender-neutral matching algorithms 
Manoj Acharya COS TallyQA: Answering Complex Counting Questions
Amanda Hautmann CLA Associations Between PTSD Symptom Clusters and Impulsivity
Yueyue (Zoey) Zhang CAD Dog-Go: A Wearable Dog Leash Design Project



Name College Project
Andrea Gonzalez Esteche
Anthony Gutierrez
CAD Rwanda Wheelchair: Giving Access to Rwandian Children



Name College Project
Jeff Leavitt CAD  
Kathleen Johnson CAD  
Tracy Shih-Tung Cheng CAD  





Name College Project
Anothony Leggiero KGCOE Synthesis of Nanometal Interconnected Carbon Conductors through Vapor Deposition
Jim Parrillo CIAS Paleo Journey: An Upper Paleolithic Cave Art Experience
Mohammad Saidur Rahman GCCIS Website Fingerprinting Attack on Tor Using Packets Timing Information
Ryan Ford COS Monitoring Cyanobacteria Blooms Using Satellite Imagery
Jordana O’Brien COS A Mathematical Model of Fluid Flow in Evaporating Colloidal Droplets
Kevin Cooke COS Tracing the Assembly of the Most Massive Galaxies in the Universe
Yashashree Jadhav COS The Quasar E1821+643:A Gravitationally Recoiling Blackhole or Super Wind?
Ranjit R. Desai GIS A Pattern Analysis of Daily Electric Vehicle Charging Profiles: Operational Efficiency and Environmental Impacts
Nicholas Soures KGCOE Spiking Artificial Intelligence Platforms for Mobile Systems
Mandy Nevins COS An Image Restoration Technique for Low Voltage Scanning Electron Mircoscopy
Shehan Jayasekera KGCOE Characterization and Validation of the Programmable Emissions System (PES) for Electronic Cigarette Research
Nuzhet Nihaar Nasir Ahamed KGCOE A New Graphene Quantum Dot Sensor for Estimating an Antibiotic Concentration




Position Name College Project
Winner Sedeeq Al-khazraji GCCIS Modeling the Distribution of Spatial Reference Points Established in Space by American Sign Language Signers in a Motion Capture
I Runner-up Antoinette Defoundoux-Fila CAST Jet Nebulizer Redesign: Airflow Testing and Mass Median Analysis
II Runner-up Yashar Seyed Vahedein, Yogesh Karnam KGCOE Advanced Multiscale (3D-1D) Approach for Hemodynamics Simulation of Blood Flow Properties in Human Arterial Network