RIT - Rochester Institute of Technology

Greater Expectations


Guided by RIT's vision to "lead higher education in preparing students for innovative, creative and successful careers in a global society", in the spring of 2009, the Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs constituted a project team of faculty and staff to attend the AAC&U Greater Expectations Institute held in Burlington, VT, June 17-21 of this year. The charge to the team was to devise a cohesive framework and plan to maximize student learning through the systemic, cohesive and intentional integration of RIT’s general education outcomes and curriculum, first year experience, summer reading book, learning communities, writing expectations, and innovation curriculum with the primary fields of study. The team was also asked to recommend ways to increase the campus capacity to bridge academic, co-curricular, and residential experiences and provide students with clarity of purpose and direction for the undergraduate education experience.

Specifically, the goals of project are to:

  • Integrate in a systemic, cohesive and intentional manner the programs listed above that support student learning and engagement;
  • Provide students with clarity of purpose, intentionality, and direction for the undergraduate education experience; and
  • Establish a unique and excellent undergraduate experience in keeping with RIT’s vision of an innovation university.


The Greater Expectations Institute was sponsored by the American Association of Colleges and Universities and took place June 17?21, 2009 at the University of Vermont. The Institute helps campus teams develop and strengthen learning environments and align their specific project to their institution’s mission, clarify desired outcomes, create a comprehensive vision for change, refine planning and processes, and build a culture of high expectations that fosters student and institutional learning. More information about the institute can be found at http://www.aacu.org/meetings/gexinstitute/index.cfm.